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An approach to the past through the modern needs imposed by our time


Photoshoot Campaign's contributors:

Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis | Fashion editor: Stefanos Zaousis | Hair: Stratigos Vassilis | Make up: Anna Bakatsaki | Model: Barbora Fialová 


I have a memory of the thick salt in my mouth and the sweet dreamy atmosphere of the long summer days in the coast gazing at the see. Letting the motion of the waves invade me to pull away from time, disengage from reality and let my imagination wander. My love for the Aegean Sea is exclusive and unique to the extent that I cannot really love any other sea.


“Anagenesis” Spring Summer 2021 collection is inspired by my Greek roots, heritage & traditions. An approach to the past through the modern needs imposed by our time.


The admirable villages of the Aegean, the classic simplicity of the Greek architecture’s form, the dazzling white villages of the Cyclades, the crystal-clear blue waters and the white & ivory reflections of the rocks in the light of the Greek sun, is the reference point for this collection.


Various shades of color blue, from sky blue to ultramarine, next to the natural tones of ecru and optical white, give the Greek identity of the collection.


Traditional geometric motifs from the Greek islands and embroidery from the early 19th century, found on blankets, everyday household items and bridal costumes, are printed on airy voile and cotton poplins. Bougainvillea, ivy, olive, and thistle leaves have been attributed many times on cotton petticoats and embroidered skirts of the time.


I wanted to open my grandmothers’ antique chest and bring back memories and traditions of the Greek places and elements that I love the most.


White linen embroidered aprons become dresses with precious details adorning sleeves and hems. The “proikia” (bridal gifts), of the young women of that time, with the fine ribbons and the handmade cords, in modern forms and volumes, through minimal aesthetics.


From the most basic to the most fashionable piece of the collection, the lines are clean, free from exaggerated volumes and forms.


Technical details remain faithful to the brand’s careful design and attention to detail, filtered by abstraction and simplicity.


The absolute white of the islands and the Greek unique light is the statement of a large part of the collection. High quality cotton poplin is the basic material of the shirtdresses, in strictly male geometric silhouettes and ultra-bohemian proposals.


“Anagenesis” collection includes our favorite and signature stripes both in wide & strict layouts and 70’s multicolored references.


Additionally, the riviera part of the collection consists of airy cotton voile shirt-kaftans in stripes or all-over printed versions and for the first time the brand offers tops and camisole sets with cotton midi skirts whose design references shirt elements.


This is how I imagined women, walking in the alleys of the Greek islands of my homeland during summer, and returning to the daily life in the cities of the world, to bring something from Greece and the Mediterranean.








The Greek word for renewal and total rebirth. A noun that symbolizes our own meaning of Anagenesis. A new beginning with new values, freeing yourself of failures and disappointments and embracing a new perspective with all the wonderful possibilities the future holds. The main colors used for this collection are different shades of blue, white, and orange. These colors represent different values that we would like to embody in our own “Anagenesis.” Blue symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. White represents purity or innocence. Orange is the color of creativity, joy, and enthusiasm.


Video Campaign's contributors:

Videographer: Kostas Avgoulis | Fashion editor: Stefanos Zaousis | Hair & Make up: Stratigos Vassilis | Model: Nastya Gonchár


See below Evi Grintela Look Book for Spring - Summer 2021:


Discover our ANAGENESIS | Spring Summer 21 Collection through a virtual tour at our fashion exhibition. We suggest you visiting our online exhibition through your laptop/desktop for optimal tour experience.


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