Our mission is to create dresses that make our clients feel beautiful when wearing them. Before creating each design we always ask ourselves if it is a timeless and functional garment that you would wear year after year. 

We value our community and that is why we are committed to local production. All of our garments are handcrafted in Greece in small factories that have been active for many years and are passing from generation to generation. 


Here at Evi Grintela we take sustainability very seriously and we constantly try to evaluate the best options and solutions in order to be as responsible as possible.

In our efforts to do so we have actively decided to ensure that all the fabrics used in our collections comply with the relevant regulations and high environmental shared standards. 

High quality natural fibres are the center of all our collections, the majority being cotton, silk, and linen and we do not use any synthetics.

For Evi Grintela, fabrics are the most loved part of each creation. Our fabrics are too precious to be thrown away and as we are always trying to reduce textile waste we have created a limited edition upcycled online exclusive collection with timeless designs which allows us to bring life to archive fabrics from previous collections. View the Remixed and Remastered collection here.


For us the designs are also a very important part in our efforts to be more conscious towards our environment and our society. We, as a brand, value the timelessness of our designs. The combination of high quality fabrics, hand made tailoring in small local manufacturers and our attention to detail regarding all of our designs helps us create collections with longevity in an industry where many clothes are designed to be disposal. 

Our goal is to create garments that you will fall in love with and will always feel chic when wearing them and that could even pass from a mother to her daughter later in time without losing its timelessness. 


With every purchase you receive a complimentary Evi Grintela Tote Bag handmade from our seamstresses using pieces of leftover fabric from previous collections. 

Our Tote bags besides fulfilling our goal for a more sustainable packaging can also be used in your daily life all year long.