My endless love for Greek summers...

This past year has been a very different one for all of us, for each in their own way. So many changes that we had to adapt to and so many new feelings and experiences that came to change our everyday life.

For me, besides being different, it was very inspiring at the same time. Every year before I start any collection I always visit new places and travel around the world to gather inspiration. 

After years I began to walk through Athens again and discover all the hidden gems. My daily walk to Acropolis, the unique architecture you still see in alleys of the city center and this magical energy this city has are some of the things that made me understand how much emotion the country where I was born, Greece, creates with its hidden memories and secrets. 

I long for the summer days when I get to visit the islands of my homeland and walk around the crowed stone streets. What fascinates me the most about the Greek islands is that each one has its own unique identity and history which is  something that was a huge inspiration for me for this collection. So many beautiful memories are now coming back to me as I am writing this. Moments with my now adult children at the beach, our walks right after with the thick salt of the Greek seas still in our hair.

This is how I started picturing this collection, “ANAGENESIS”. It is how I see Greece.   It is very emotional for me to have the chance to work on this project and study all the embroideries of the previous century from the collection of the Benaki Museum and other Museum around the world. As this collection holds a very dear place in my heart I wanted to do a lot of research and make every print and embroidery have their own identity. To do so we created custom made prints and our own graphic motifs, inspired from the traditional aprons and dresses from the young women of that time. 

“ANAGENESIS” has a huge sentimental value for me and I am so honoured and excited that I get to share my view of Greece with you through this collection.   

ss21 anagenESis

May 12, 2021 — EVI GRINTELA

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